About the Blog: Enriched and Accessible Art

In a world of hand turkeys, my goal is to bring skills and art concepts into meaningful art lessons with depth that are available to elementary teachers at no cost. Art can be an intimidating subject to teach for many generalist elementary teachers. Through my blog posts, I aim to provide the guidance necessary to make art enjoyable for teachers and students alike.

You can expect to find three kinds of posts in this blog:
Step-by-step lessons, challenge lessons, and lessons I have tried and loved from other people’s blogs.
Note: I currently work at an IB school, and many of my lessons might involve a lot of unstructured exploration – this is a good thing! Try to embrace the chaos 🙂


About The Blogger:

I am an elementary art teacher in British Columbia’s lower mainland. I hold a Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours) in painting from Queen’s University, and a Bachelor of Elementary Education from the University of British Columbia. During my first year of teaching I discovered a special passion for teaching art lessons with depth to elementary-aged students, and after being asked by a few other teachers to share some ideas with them, I thought I would start chronicling my most interesting lessons in a blog.

My own work can be found on my website: http://caseywilson.yolasite.com


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